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Youtube Has 360 Degree Videos

By: Michael Kelly/Webmaster

Google just keeps finding ways to impress me. Not only did Google make the executive decision to purchase YouTube, but they are continuing to update it and keep it new and fresh unlike a lot of other companies out there on the market. Google has now introduced the new 360 degree videos! Currently, there are only a number of videos, but here is an example of one of the few videos out there right now.

Make sure when you are watching this video, you are on a computer. It does not work with IOS devices or tablets. There are reports it doesn’t work on the school’s Pano boxes as well. Also, make sure you’re using the web browser of Google Chrome. When you are watching this video, use the keys W too look up, D too look right, A too look left, and S too look down. Or you can click on the D pad in the top left hand of the screen too look around. Youtube broadens the internet in various ways and this just blows my mind how they are capable of doing this. Google announces that they will continue to make these YouTube videos, and eventually make the general public capable of creating their own 360 degree videos regularly.


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