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Yearbooks: Do You Want One?

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

PSA for those who have not heard!

As the year is coming to a close, every student and teacher has so much to accomplish.  Although one of those things on people’s lists might not be to get a yearbook, but it should be.  The school’s yearbook has been able to be put on hold, for about twenty dollars, or bought, for sixty dollars, for most, if not all of the year.  For seniors, this might be slightly more important because this will be their final yearbook to commemorate their high school years.

So far throughout this year, the yearbook team has been hard at work to gather pictures of major events around the school.  Also, the team had been looking to gain student selfies and pictures that the seniors and other students have taken over the year.  The main things in the year book will be almost the same as every year, with the exception of the new freshman class and the outgoing senior class.

Mrs. Krause, the yearbook advisor, had plenty to say about the current status of the yearbook.  She and the rest of the yearbook team finished the yearbook yesterday, April 23rd, and it is currently underway to being finalized.

Another major announcement for the yearbook is that, SHE ONLY ORDERED ONE HUNDRED COPIES.  So if you want a yearbook get up to Mrs. Krause’s room and reserve a yearbook!!

Mrs. Krause says that “They are beautiful, so everyone should want one!!”


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