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Yearbook Teacher Found

By: Alec Martin/Co-Social Media Director

The Torch, Blue Ridge’s yearbook, is a year-end commemoration cherished by each graduating class year after year, laid out and designed by the students at Blue Ridge High School. This school year, many feared The Torch would not be produced, as there was a struggle to find a new yearbook adviser. Mrs. Donna Tewes, the technology teacher, was named the new yearbook adviser and teacher at the Blue Ridge School Board meeting on September 10th.

The former yearbook adviser, Mrs. Aimee Krause, resigned at the end of last year. She said that she could not continue due to time constraints and a full schedule of classes, including English 9, AP Literature and Composition, and Public Speaking.

“Yearbook became overwhelming for me on top of teaching AP classes. Keeping up with the demands of the yearbook along with other lesson plans became a struggle,” says Krause, who was running the book’s production as an after-school club.  However, three years ago, yearbook was offered as a class. The class was reinstated due to no adviser wanting to inherit the club.

The class was added after the school year began, and was populated by students who transferred out of other currently scheduled classes. One of those students was Zach Smith, a senior who was leaving Spanish III.

He stated, “My previous class was over-populated and it was hard to focus on work. Yearbook seemed to be a more productive choice.”

According to Tewes, who is now teaching yearbook as a class, “While becoming involved with the yearbook is something I had never considered, I am looking forward to working with the students to create a quality yearbook.”


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