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Xbox Series X: What We Know

By: Neo Choplosky/Sophomore Writer

The Xbox Series X is the new generation console that gives us 120 frames per second and 8k resolution. The console was announced during E3 during 2019. The console was originally called “Project Scarlet” and is scheduled to come out on during the holiday season 2020.

The console will still be competing to be the best; the developers Microsoft want it to be the “next big thing” pertaining to gaming, hoping to gain success. They plan on giving players backwards compatibility for all games on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the original, which will be very convenient for players.

Xbox Series X is the fourth generation of the Xbox console succeeding the Xbox One. Microsoft plans on giving more upgraded hardware for the year of 2020. Exclusives will not be made for this new console alone, they will be made for the Xbox One to so people don’t have to upgrade if they do not want to.

The first game coming out for the Xbox Series X is “Halo: Infinite,” which will continue the Halo series. The controllers for this console will be the same as the Xbox One and will allow you to bind a Xbox One controller to the new console.

Many people are looking forward to the release of the Xbox Series X, whether it will win the “console wars” is anyone’s guess.


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Neo Choplosky
Neo Choplosky
Neo is a first-year journalist.  He likes to play games and make art along with eager excitement to finish school soon to eventually try to get to his life goal.
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