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Women’s History Month: Movies

By: Skylar Secord/Content Editor

  • Heathers: There isn’t much space to describe this movie well enough.  Without delving into detail of this super aesthetic 80s film, a girl gets sucked into the life of getting popular.  A new boy comes to town, they fall in love (or rather he’s obsessed and they accidentally kill someone together so they gotta stick it out, ya know?), girl realizes she can be comfortable with herself and then escapes unhealthy relationship with the guy.  It’s great and also 80s aesthetic.
  • Amelie:  It’s France, it’s kinda weird, it’s quirky, and it’s awesome.  Amelie, the title character (what a surprise I know), moves to Paris and works in a cafe in Montmartre (a sweet town with tons of shops that van Gogh was partial to) and helps people fix their lives.  Of course, she can’t fix her own life and that’s the main theme of the movie.  There’s a romantic end to, but that’s a little irrelevant in my eyes.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  If you haven’t heard of Buffy or haven’t watched yet, please fix that now.  BtVS follows Buffy Summers, late 90s/early 2000s teen who has normal teen problems and also fights vampires because she’s the chosen one or whatever.  There’s also tons of representation and great character development in this show/movie.  Buffy has relationships that end badly, she has tests and college applications, and friendships that fall apart and come back together.  Normal teenage life…and vampires.
  • Peaky Blinders:  I feel like I’m stretching this one, seeing as it’s the only one on the list without a title female character, but hear me out.  In this 1920s gangster series the women are truly iconic and incredible.  Aunt Polly, caretaker to her nephews that make up the Peaky Blinders gang, isn’t afraid of anyone especially not those boys.  We get to see her sass back the ‘scariest’ man in town (her own nephew, Tommy Shelby) and a high-ranking inspector who has come to clean up the streets of Small Heath.  All in one episode she assists her niece in making an important life decision, talks back to Tommy Shelby god knows how many times, and insults the inspector for not fighting in WWI.  There are tons of other rad women in this show, such as Grace who’s a spy, Ada Shelby the only girl in the family who is 100% not spooked by any of her dramatically violent brothers, and May Carleton an extremely successful horse trainer who lives in this sweet mansion all by herself because she’s a widow.  Even if these women aren’t the forerunners of the show they are sure worth a peek at it.  If you’re still not convinced I suggest watching it for the rockin soundtrack and the beautiful shots.
  • Out of Africa:  Meryl Streep has a coffee farm in Africa and an unfaithful husband.  From there on out there’s some cool shots and some great personal growth not centered around a man or proving things to other people.  That’s the one thing I think we can all take from stories like these.  Sure romance parts can be cute, but in the end, it’s all about you doing the best for yourself.
  • Hidden Figures: The most recent movie on this list and perhaps the most important and least silly is Hidden Figures.  This movie reveals just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to women lost in history.  These women paved the way for men to take the glory of space men.
  • The Babadook:  Alright, spooky movie with minimal dialogue, but come on.  This single mom is raising her creepy kid and there’s some spooky demon running around all while she’s trying to keep it together.  Life is tough, and this movie just shows that people can be weak sometimes and that’s totally cool.  Plus it’s kinda scary to watch in the dark at 3 in the morning, and who doesn’t like that?


Check these movies and television shows out to do yourself a favor.  There are dozens of more shows with rad females either taking up the lead or being cool from around the corner.  Really whatever floats your boat from 20s gang drama to quirky romance to vampires and early 2000 teenage life it’s all up to you.

Kimberly Davenport
Kimberly Davenport grew up in Montrose, Pennsylvania. She currently teaches English and digital journalism at Blue Ridge High School, and is the adviser for the school's online newspaper, the Raider Reader. Kimberly loves traveling, spending time with her family (especially her grandchildren), and can often be found reading a good book.


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