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Winter Weather Wardrobe

By: Cassie Clapper/Senior Writer

Due to the cold winter weather arising, it’s time for a new wardrobe to be displayed. This season is all about warm clothes. Have you gotten your wardrobe updated for this years winter weather?


Beanies are nice to wear in the winter for a cute accessory for when you have a bad hair day or just for a new look. They work great for when you want to change the way you wear your hair. They also help keep your head and ears warm.


Scarves are always a go-to for if you want to wear a shirt, dress or just to help you bundle up. It works with every occasion. There are also different types of scarves to wear, from very light feeling to heavy and warm.


Even though this accessory is not something people wear all day, it can still be helpful. It helps us keep our hands warm for the winter. Some types of gloves are for stylish reasons and can lack in the warmth department. They are still in high demand in society.


A parka is a unisex designed coat that keeps everyone warm. There are many different kinds and they come in many different sizes. They’re for kids up to adults. A parka is a great alternative to traditional coats.

Warm Jackets:

Warm jackets are nice to wear from Fall until the end of Winter. They are stylish, comfy and cool to wear for when you want to be trendy and different. You can never go wrong with a jacket to wear instead of a puffy coat.


While jackets and coats do keep you warm and protected, sweaters beat that with how soft they feel. Sweaters do in fact have a softer feel than most coats. These are great to wear for winter or for a warm day inside. They are stylish and comfy.


These are for an everyday purpose. There are different styles and feels. You can wear them with stripes, a pattern or just plain. Mostly, there are two feels. The light and then there is fleece lined ones for colder days. Leggings are stylish and trendy to wear, no matter what season.


Sweatpants are very warm for the winter on your legs. They come in different colors and are for both men and women. You can match them up with color or just mix it up any way you choose.

Soft Socks:

It’s different for everyone for how they feel towards different socks. Some are softer than others. Then you can see soft socks that are smooth and do have a soft feel to them. They’re perfect for the cold days indoors and outdoors as we progress through the day.

Snow Boots:

Snow boots are for everyday use as we go into winter and the snow. They keep our feet warm and they work for those who have different styles. From plain black to fuzzy and stylish. Different colors and different styles so you can stay trendy and be comfy at the same time.


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