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Winter Chorus Concert Run-Down

By: Annie Bonner/Content Editor

On December 6, 2018, the Blue Ridge Middle and High School held its annual winter chorus concert, directed by BR music teacher Amy Zakarauskas and with accompanist and elementary music teacher Kristen Burkhart.

The concert, which began at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium, opened with the sixth grade chorus whose performance included “The Beat of a Different Drum,” “On a Starlit Night,” and “Let My People Go.” The seventh and eighth grade chorus followed with “Ad Astra,” “Winter,” and “Blue Moon.”

The high school chorus performed next. Chorus members filed onto the stage as soloists Kaelin Hughes, a junior, and TJ Hand, a senior, performed “Hlonolofatsa.” Afterward the chorus performed “James”; “Yo Le Canto”; “From Now On,” featuring soloist Wesley Wojtkowski; “This Little Babe”; “White Winter Hymnal,” and ended with “O Holy Night,” featuring soloist Kyra Powell.

In between songs, the district qualifying chorus members performed a song they’d been working on, called “Holy Radiant Light.” Performers included Kyra Powell, Alyssa Williams, Madison Welsted, Anthony Dissinger, Mason Conklin, Wesley Wojtkowski, Spencer Renwick, Morgan Mansfield, and Kaelin Hughes. 

Additional accompanists included senior Sam Beesley on drums and 2017 BR graduate Jordan Mann on the guitar.

Chorus members include the following students:

6th Grade Chorus, Katalyna Ahlbrandt; Jaydon Barile; Kaelynn Brant; Brandon Carpenetti; Aiden Choplosky; Emma Davis; Mackenzie Davis; Kassidy Delaney; Gehrig Dibble; Elijah Dillman; Jackson Donovan; Chasity Fiske; Marissa Fiske; Madison Halstead; Emily Hanson; Gavin Hayes; Riley Hayes; Troy Henke; Makennah Holbert; Brooke Kelly; Erin Klock; Andrew Kowalewski; Maxton Ksenich; Aubree Kupst; Maliya Lee; Patience Luce; Ally Marvin; Carlissia Mayancela; Savannah McCracken; Patrick Mullen; Gregory Page Jr.; Tyler Palmer; Emma Piechocki; William Plunkett III; Jesse Robbins; Lyam Rudock; Alyse Sargent; Logan Sellitto; Isabella Shea; William Stepniak; Avery Thomas; Alanna Thornton; Hope Treadway; Piperjo Tripp, and Janna Weed.

 7th & 8th Grade Chorus, Clara Allen; Ethan Ashley; Gavin Bennett; Sophia Bianchi; Madison Bishop; Lillian Bleck; Dylan Bradley; Emmalyn Buchanan; Samuel Callahan; Vanessa Clapper; Jocelyn Cole; Lilly Collins; Destanee Colwell; Connor Cranage; Elsie Dillman; Haley Ebhardt; Micah Edwards; Jocelyn Frantz; Nathan Garrehy; Siara Gennarelli; Duncan Geyer; Katie Gordon; Grace Graf; Cody Gunn; William Hanson; EmmaLee Heinz; Tiffani Henke; Timothy Higgins; Alicia Johnson; Mason Kays; Foxlynn King; Mckenna Lankford; Abigail Laude; Steven Loby; Dillon Macleod; Madison Makosky; Emma Manzo; Madison Manzo; Madison Martin; Noah Martin; Emily Marvin; Lana Marvin; Davyn Millard; Kendra Millard; Christiana Mock; Madeline Naylor; Joelle Otasevic; Jada Palmer; Calim Percario; Andrea Plaia; Ella Robinson; Johnathan Rosa; Dalton Rutter; Ana Sargent; Conner Sauer; Juliana Serra; Dakota Slater; Mary Slater; Stephanie Smith; Katelyn Spencer; Tieler Stilloe; Morgan Thomas; Carli Thornton; Isaiah Torres; Izaiah Upright; Devon Valentin; Rheanna Valentine; Griffin Whitehead; Jordan Wiegand; Landen Witbeck; Bradley Wolfe; Cadence Wolfe, and Kelsey Wolfe.

High School Chorus, Reese Allen; Mirella Annesi; Tori Auckland; Alexandria Ayers; Brandon Bartkus; Matthew Bednarchik; Aaron Beesley; Kayla Blaisure; Anna Bonner; Cheyanne Bross; Kimberly Bryden; Audrianna Choplosky; Cassandra Clapper; Mason Conklin *; Jenna Crocker; Lucas Debella; Danielle DelLongo; Breanna Derrick; Anthony Dissinger *; Gavin Dissinger; Karin Dunbar; Isabelle Edwards; Giavonna Fiore; Kory Flynn; Kaleb Folk; Dylan Gleason; Rayne Glover; Todd Hand; Nathan Heinz; Krystal Hepler; Olivia Hessey; Kaelin Hughes *; Allyssa Johnson; Mary Kerr; Hannah Kline; Sarah Knifer; Sienna Kowalewski; Mykenzie Layton; Madison Lord; Cadence Lusk; Elliot Maginley; Logan Mann; Morgan Mansfield *; Jessica McEwen; Clarisa Millard; Nevaeh Millard; Isabelle Morris; Micah Mullen; Abigale Oakley; Alexis Parks; Kyra Powell *; Tiffany Quick; Spencer Renwick *; Crizabith Sceranka; Vincent Senatore; Alyssa Sherwood; Elizabeth Solonewitz; Brielle Starbuck; Dawson Stone; Jillian Stone; Renzie Tanzini; Bryce Thompson; Danielle Tierney; Ashley Torres; Hailey Tripp; Rachel Upright; Storm Visage; Jahmarea Wansley; Kara Wdowiak; Natalie Welch; Madison Welsted *; Alyssa Williams, and Wesley Wojtkowski *. (* = District Chorus)

Of the concert, eleventh grade chorus member Tori Auckland, said “I think that we all ended up working really hard on everything, and the concert showed that.”

To listen or view the concert, see:

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Kimberly Davenport
Kimberly Davenport grew up in Montrose, Pennsylvania. She currently teaches English and digital journalism at Blue Ridge High School, and is the adviser for the school's online newspaper, the Raider Reader. Kimberly loves traveling, spending time with her family (especially her grandchildren), and can often be found reading a good book.


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