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Wings for Rachel

By: Madison Swisher/Senior Writer

“Butterflies appear when angels are near.”

This past summer, the community lost someone that was very important to many people. Rachel Upright had a beautiful soul and a very bright personality. She has touched so many lives and continues to do so to this day. She has such a big group of family and friends out there fighting for her and supporting her as the days go by.

The summer right before her sophomore year of high school, Rachel and her family were involved in an accident on their way home from a family vacation. Ever since then, her legacy as a bright bubbly girl with a beautiful voice and personality travels all around and touches every single person.

Blue Ridge has come up with a unique way to remember her. The student body is coming together to do a mural in the shape of butterfly wings, and even faculty are more than welcome to participate in helping decorate a portion of the mural!

Blue Ridge middle and high school teacher Mrs. Camburn says she “noticed how many of Rachel’s friends would use butterflies to symbolize a connection to her. I have always loved murals that you can stand in front of and it looks like you have wings, so I thought it would be perfect to put the two together in memory of Rachel.”

Blue Ridge has never done a memorial mural like this before, so Mrs. Camburn is asking for anyone and everyone to help because this project must be known and the more people working on it the better it will be.

“My hope is that it makes people smile when they see it. I hope that everyone coming together to make something beautiful will celebrate a beautiful life.”

Rachel will not only be remembered and honored by this, but it will show everyone that enters this building the amount of love and respect we have for this girl. Rachel has been such a huge part of this school, participating in plays, cabaret, sports, etc.

She has made so many great memories here that not only her, but no one else will forget. She has left her mark on Blue Ridge and we will never forget it. Rachel, this one’s for you.


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Madison Swisher
Madison Swisher
Madison Swisher is a senior and a first year member of journalism. She decided to take journalism her last year of high school because she wants to try something new and experience this to see if this is something she would like to continue in college. Madison’s career choices are involved around music, she is interested in pursuing a career in playing her trumpet for others and/or teaching other students with the same interests.
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