Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Will I Know You Then by Three Man Cannon (The Local Series)

By: James Goff / Music Specialist

I think these guys must write their music as they’re about to take a nap, because it is some of the most relaxing and equally exciting music I’ve heard in a long time. I say exciting because despite the relaxing nature of it, it’s still some darn good alternative and occasionally rock music coming from just thirty miles down 81. Their melodies are typically very simple, but their use of active drums, Schmelfenig’s endearing voice singing cryptic and minimal lyrics, as well as the ability for him to contribute as either a second guitarist or a keyboardist all allow them to create a diverse array of music. And while their songs are never really that similar to each other, they typically exude the same air of calmness.

The second track, Coma’d, is a prime example of this. The main riff is simple but exotic, the vocals are lazy, and the drums are persistent. It’s a typical terrific Three Man Cannon tune. The outro is direct in that no part of it is really complex, but the sum of the parts is something wonderful.

The four piece kind of debuted a new facet of their music on the EP with Mood, a somewhat dark song with a truly interesting chord progression that works to perfection. The piece is certainly one where you can feel an attempt at that intricate, well thought out type of music where each instrument has a specific role in the song, in a sort of Silversun Pickups kind of way; they executed it phenomenally.

The group has also begun writing out longer songs, with multiple on the EP lasting over six minutes. It’s a direction that I like to see a group like them head down, as their creative music making could definitely benefit from extra time to entrance the listener. It’s difficult to find any disappointments in Will I Know You Then; this is a wonderful step forward for our local rock stars.

Favorite Track: Mood


James Goff
James Goff is a senior and first year journalist. He is the sports editor and participates on both the volleyball team and the record-setting soccer team.


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