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Who’s New? A Look Into New Faces At Blue Ridge

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor

It’s inevitable that when we ring in the new school year we will see some unfamiliar faces, both in the hallway and in our classes. Given those circumstances, why not go around and become acquainted with them? This year, Blue Ridge High School has a total of ten new students.


Elijah Benjamin, Freshman

Avid pineapple lover, Elijah Benjamin, is walking the halls of Blue Ridge for the first time ever. He really enjoyed being home and being done with school work early in the day when he attended PA Cyber, but loves the book selection the Blue Ridge High School library has to offer.

Liam Skorets, Freshman

Liam Skorets is a devoted Magic: The Gathering player, originally from Hanover Area School District outside of Wilkes-Barre. He only misses his classes from his previous school, but loves the organization of Blue Ridge and how safe it is.


Skyler Ball, Sophomore

Beginner guitar player, Skyler Ball, previously attended Mountain View. Although she misses her friends a ton, she’s really enjoying school lunch and the new friends she’s making at Blue Ridge.

Brandon Eddy, Sophomore

Brandon Eddy is a sophomore that previously attended Forest City Regional High School. He really wishes he could still be with his friends from Forest City, but says that the students at Blue Ridge are really nice and he’s enjoying making new friends. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys walking.

Alexander Mitchell, Sophomore

Alexander “Xan” Mitchell, a self-proclaimed geek and new Raider Reader staff member, used to attend Holland Patent High School in upstate New York. Although he isn’t around his friends from Holland Patent anymore, Xan appreciates how nice all of the students are being to him, and likes that his classes are smaller than those at his previous school. Xan also loves the scenery of the towns surrounding Blue Ridge, noting that the bridges on the Lackawanna Railroad are “stunningly beautiful.”

Leah Rippy, Sophomore

Leah Rippy is a sophomore who is also a new staff member of the Raider Reader. She previously attended Mountain View, and misses the familiarity of the hallways there compared to Blue Ridge. Besides the dreadful stage of getting used to where classes are, Leah enjoys her classes, as they are smaller in size than her previous school’s. A fun fact about Leah is that her hair goes down to her knees!

Haley Wilson, Sophomore

Haley Wilson is an artsy sophomore that previously attended Windsor Central High School. She loves the people at Blue Ridge and is enjoying making new friends, but misses her other friends a lot.


Alexander Daley, Junior

Alexander Daley previously attended Upper Moreland High School. He liked being close to places in his prior community, but is coming to enjoy the size of Blue Ridge compared to his old school’s student body. 

Dakota Garrow, Junior

Dakota Garrow, who has lived in the city most of his life, is now attending Blue Ridge High School. He previously attended Susquehanna Valley High School, and doesn’t really miss anything from there, but thinks Blue Ridge is nicer in many ways.


Natasha Warner, Senior

Born in Kazakhstan and moved to Florida at three years old, Natasha Warner is now taking on the halls here at Blue Ridge for her senior year. Natasha formerly attended Venice High School in Venice, Florida, and misses her friends dearly, but is happy to make new friends with the unfamiliar but nice students around her.


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Raider Reader Staff
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