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Where’s Spring?

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-sports Editor

The varsity baseball and softball teams have had an unanticipated start to the season this year – and not because of performance. Due to the inclement weather northeastern Pennsylvania has been having, their season has been delayed by over a week’s worth of games. Although it isn’t something that would affect the teams performance, it’s aggravating to see a beautiful field unused.

The baseball team was scheduled to play their first game at Wyalusing Valley High School on March 27th, but that game was canceled due to severe weather. The following games on March 29th and March 31st were also canceled due to poor weather. Their first home game was supposed to take place on April 2nd, but that was postponed until April 11th when the team finally played their first home game.

It’s not just snow that impacts the field, but also rain. It’s springtime and we’re still seeing quite a bit of snow and it’s already common for a few games here and there to get canceled over rain, but between the varsity and junior varsity baseball and softball teams, over 15 games were either canceled or postponed to a later date.

Susquehanna County has been receiving snow throughout the month of April and it has people wondering: when will we finally put our sunglasses and shorts to use? We’ve seen random sunny days throughout 2018 that has only caused greater confusion. Is it just this season or is this something we should expect every year? If so, there may be a possibility of changing when future baseball and softball seasons start.


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