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Where Are They Now? Cayli Allen

By: Sarah Marble/Junior Writer

It has been four years since Cayli Allen walked the halls as a student at Blue Ridge High School. Cayli is a 2015 graduate of Blue Ridge. Shortly after graduating high school, Cayli followed her dreams of attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Cayli graduated from Belmont this past May with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations and a minor in Mass Communications.

When asked about her college experience Cayli stated, “Go in with an open mind, big goals, and ready to explore new things. I loved my college experience and already miss it. College is a time of exploration and finding yourself. I think one of the hardest things about college is wanting to compare yourself to others. It’s so important to remember that everyone is on their own journey and goes at their own pace to reach their goals. Keep your head down and hustle!”

Cayli also gave words of advice for upper classmen who are looking to begin their college journey. Cayli suggested, “Get started on college credits while in high school! It saved me both time and money and I was able to graduate a year early.” Finally, Cayli encourages students to step out of their comfort zones and not be afraid to be a leader.

Cayli later stated, “Get involved. Being involved in clubs and organizations have not only given me some of the best friends of my life, but also taught me valuable skills that have helped lead to jobs!” Cayli is now working as an Account Assistant at an advertising firm in Nashville.

Lastly, Cayli reassured that it is okay not to know exactly what major you want to study. She suggested, “It’s okay to change your major or not know what you want to do! I switched my major once my freshman year and my minor more times than I remember. Everyone is unsure of what they want to do and no one has it figured out and that’s OKAY!”

Cayli notes, “If any BR student is looking for advice on college, wants to move to Nashville, or chat about PR/Communications, I would love to chat with you!” This being said, Cayli has enjoyed her college experience and believes everyone can reach their goals and follow their dreams.


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Sarah Marble
Sarah Marble
Sarah Marble is a senior and a second year journalism student. She enjoys spending her time giving back to others. She values being involved in her community and school as an active leader. After graduating high school, she will be attending Penn State College of Nursing to earn a Bachelor´s Degree in nursing to become a Registered Nurse.


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Beautifully written

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