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Where Are They Now? Ash Ambirge

By: Annie Bonner/ Content Editor

Live in a small town and have big dreams? So did Blue Ridge High School graduate of 2002, Ash Ambirge; and she made them come true.

Ambirge grew up in New Milford, and her life wasn’t always exactly easy. She moved to the area from Philadelphia with her mom when she was 6 years old. While attending Blue Ridge, she didn’t have the easiest life, but what she always had was writing. Writing turned her life completely around.

After graduating college, Ambirge reached a rough patch in her life, and started thinking of ways she could make money. She sat in her car and listened to the radio, and while doing so, heard of someone pre-selling their product. Suddenly things clicked for her. She started pre-selling a book that she would soon write, and made $2000 from the pre-sales. She then began blogging, where people recognized her work. Ambirge grew bigger and bigger and became more and more successful, and now she is a published author.

Some of her most notable accomplishments include The Middle Finger Project; a blog, which locked her a book deal for a book that should be published in 2020. To add to that, Ambirge has a degree in the Spanish Language. As if she hasn’t already accomplished enough, she hopes to buy a large number of properties to build condos on them, letting travelling people stay in them while they create whatever it is that they’re passionate about.

Ambirge currently lives part time in Costa Rica, and get this, her now fiance grew up in Sayre, Pennsylvania, about an hour from where she grew up. However, they didn’t meet in the Pennsylvania, they met in Costa Rica! That is just another fun fact to add to her exciting story.

Coming from a small school and community definitely impacted Ambirge. She explained, “A lot of my confidence came from Blue Ridge and the people I graduated with.”

When asked what advice she had for people she said, “No matter what, you will not be defined by your circumstances. You also need to go out and make your own opportunities.”


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