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Where are They From? Alexander Daley

By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Assistant to the Editors

One of Blue Ridge’s new students, Alexander Daley, who requested to be referred to as Xander, is from a diverse community called Willow Grove, just outside of Philadelphia. An interesting thing he mentioned about his old school is that it’s way bigger in size and student body.

Back at his old school, Xander was a part of the Upper Moreland Marching Band, which consisted of 100 students.

“It was my first year ever to play in band, and I actually joined it on a bet I made with my friend.”

The band preformed at Magical Kingdom in Disney World, and placed 2nd at States. Xander added that the band program is very popular and well funded. “I only played one year, but I loved it and I am really glad I joined.”

When asked why his family moved up here, Xander responded, “Our family inherited property, and we would rather live up here with 30 acres of land, than live in an apartment.” He also added that he and his family have been coming up here for vacation since he was young to visit his grandfather, from whom they inherited the land.

Xander feels as if Northeastern PA is much different from Philadelphia, considering the fact that it is much smaller and a lot quieter. “I like it here a lot more than the city, because there’s more space here, and I like the smaller school.”

He mentioned that it’s easier to get to know people here. “Down by Philadelphia, everyone is just very opinionated and just does their own thing. Up here people actually socialize with each other in and out of school, and I like that a lot.”

Even though moving from the city to the country can be a big change, Xander is happy here and has many new friends.

To watch the video of the Upper Moreland Marching Band perform, click the link here.


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