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What’s New at Blue Ridge?

By: Morgan Mansfield/Co-Editor in Chief

Since the 2017-18 school year has come to an end, Blue Ridge High School has acquired many changes.

New Sign!

The Blue Ridge School District was donated a digital sign which is located by the entrance in the front of the school.  99%of the money for the sign was covered by donations from People’s Neighborhood Bank and Trust, who donated $25,000, and the Lewis Family in Memory of Fredrick D. Lewis, a former school board member and school bus contractor, who donated $15,000.  The other 1% was covered by the school district.

New Science Department!

Two beloved teachers, Mrs. Nancy Burkett and Mr. Edward Price, retired from Blue Ridge High School’s science department at the end of the 2017-18 school year.  Price’s old classroom is now being occupied by Mr. Corbin who is teaching Chemistry and Biology.  In previous years, Corbin taught 7th and 8th grade science at Blue Ridge.  Corbin’s room is now being occupied by Mrs. Motyka who is teaching Life Science, Biology, and Environmental Science for grades 7-12.  Burkett’s classroom is now being occupied by Mrs. Vaccaro who is teaching 8th and 11th grade physical science, physics, and supplemental math.

New Security!

The Blue Ridge School district has invested and installed new emergency security locks which are on the inside of every door in the building.  A “NIGHTLOCK LOCKDOWN” box is located on the wall next to each door.  Inside the box is a red locking handle which is to be dropped into the floor plate once the door is closed.  This prevents an intruder from being able to reach in the window and open the door.

New HS Principal!

The previous high school principal has moved on to be the principal at Susquehanna Elementary.  Filling in the vacancy is Blue Ridge’s previous Special Education Director, Mrs. Casey Webster.  Her past position as Special Education Director has been replaced by Mrs. Margot Parsons.

New Chorus Risers!

Anyone who has taken chorus as Blue Ridge can agree that the risers were loud, disruptive, and a bit unstable.  Well, not anymore!  The school has invested in new chorus risers for both the elementary and the middle school and high school chorus rooms.  The new risers are more appealing to the eyes and ears.

New Phone Policy!

Along with a new High School Principal came a new cell phone policy.  The new policy requires all classrooms to have cell phone holders hanging somewhere in the room.  If students carry their phones with them throughout the day, they must place their phones in the holders upon entering the classroom, then retrieve them when instructed to by the teacher at the end of the class period.  While some students have a lack of appreciation towards this policy, this new policy was put into place simply for the protection of the students.


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Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield is a third year journalism student, taking on her senior year of high school.  She spends most of her free time singing, playing, or writing music.  Fascinated by the human mind, Morgan plans to obtain a degree in Clinical Psychology and become a therapist to help people work through their troubles.
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