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What’s going on with the Elementary Bathrooms?

By: Leah Rippy/Sophomore Writer

On Thursday, January 9th, the maintenance staff found that a grinder pump connected to the elementary school had malfunctioned. Unless you work in plumbing, the term grinder pump probably won’t mean anything to you. A grinder pump is a device that stores wastewater and, when it reaches a certain level, grinds it up so that it can be pumped into the sewage system. Because of the malfunction, about half of the bathrooms in the elementary school had to be closed and were expected to remain closed for about two weeks.

Thankfully, on Thursday the 16th the maintenance staff were able to repair the pump and, as of Friday the 17th, several of the closed bathrooms are open again. The plan is to open the bathrooms near the elementary office first. The rest of the bathrooms on the second floor of the elementary school should be back open by today, Monday the 20th.

The Superintendent, Mr. Matthew Button, would also like to remind students not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet as it won’t break down and will damage the grinder pumps.


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