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What TV Show Would You Bring Back?

By: Carissa Zawiski/Sophomore Writer

Do you have a  favorite television show that is no longer filmed? Is it a television show you think ended too early? We asked Blue Ridge staff and students which television show they would bring back for renewal if they could. This is what they had to say.

Freshman: Gavin Dissinger – Big Time Rush, definitely because it was my childhood favorite.

Freshman: Logan Mann – Rugrats, because it’s funny

Freshman: Carling Renwick – Drake and Josh because it’s an OG show.

Sophomore: Dylan Dorunda – I would definitely bring ICarly back because she is hot!

Sophomore: Thomas Gibson – Star Wars Clone Wars is what I would bring back because it was an awesome show.

Sophomore: Isaac Arzola-Velez – I would pick Scooby-Doo to bring back because it was one of my favorite shows growing up.

Junior: Eugene Formosa – I would bring Drake and Josh back because it was the best TV show ever.

Junior: Liberty Graves –  Oh my gosh, I would bring The Office back because it’s hilarious and I enjoy watching the show!

Junior: Alyssa Williams – I would pick Red Band Society to bring back because it was a really good show.

Senior: Danielle Del Longo – Hannah Montana, because I always watched it as a kid.

Senior: Brandon Gelatt – I would bring The Office back because it’d give me something to do.

Senior: Karris Fazzi – I would bring back ICarly and Drake and Josh because they both are some of my favorite TV shows.

Administrative Assistant Colleen DeVincentis – I would bring Soap back. Not only was it controversial, but it was hilarious.

Spanish teacher Lucrecia Jesse – The Partridge Family because it was a wholesome, good show.

Resource teacher Barbra McCain – I would bring back Friends because it was a feel good-show that made you laugh.

Discipline/Attendance secretary Stacy Merrell – The Office because it was a good show and it was relateable.

Resource teacher Michelle Montague – The Warner Brothers Cartoons because that’s when cartoons were good.

What do you think?





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