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What TO Watch and What NOT to Watch During Quarantine

By: Breanna Post/Co-Sports Editor

Since the Corona Virus outbreak, many citizens across the world have been kept in quarantine, having to stay inside their homes. Some people may think this is an easy issue, while others are consumed with boredom and sit in front of their phones or television screens for hours on end. Well, I was one of those many, many people who had nothing better to do but to binge watch the oh-so-wonderful creation of Netflix. Therefore, I can definitely tell you what to watch and what to stay away from while we wait to go into the green phase, finally being able to go back to our normal lives.

•Outer banks (show)
•The Circle (show)
•Soul Surfer (movie)
•Circle (movie)
•Love is Blind (show)
•The Autopsy of Jane Doe (movie)
•Gossip Girl (show)
•The Office (show)

Here’s a little run down of what these shows and movies are about:

The Outer Banks: This is your regular love story, but with adventure and mystery all mixed into one. A group of friends try to discover a hidden treasure that no one has found for years, which links to one of the main character’s, John B, father’s disappearance. This show incorporates twists and turns in every episode to keep you hooked, with a cliff hanger at the end.

The Circle: A group of very diverse and entertaining people are put in separate apartments with only a social media device to communicate, never meeting face to face. In this game, anyone can be who they want, meaning they have the ability to catfish. Players vote to kick people off the show once certain levels are reached, in hopes to be the one to win $100,000 in the end. This is a unique show because it exemplifies how being yourself is nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

Soul Surfer: This classic movie was recently put on Netflix, and shows how to overcome obstacles. When the main character Bethany gets her arm bit off by a shark, she has to learn how to live life again, and find a way to go back to her daily life of surfing and competing in competitions.

Circle: I saw this movie reviewed by someone on Tik Tok and had to jump right on it. A group of 50 very different people are put in a room together, not being able to move, or they will die. None of them have any recollection of how they got there or what is happening. Every minute, someone dies until there is one person left standing. The people all “vote” with their hands that move a sensor only they can see, to execute a person. This movie shows how people will do anything to survive and the risks they’re willing to take.

Love is Blind: Contestants of both men and women are put in rooms one at a time to hopefully find love at the end of the show. They can not see each other, and only have to go off of personality and what’s discovered within their conversations. When a connection and a proposal is made, the couple is able to see each other for the first time, and go through obstacles of living together and planning a marriage in a short amount of time. Will the relationships last? You’ll have to watch to find out!

The Autopsy of Jane Doe: When a body is found and no one knows who it is, it is sent in for an autopsy. But this isn’t just any body. When investigating the body there are multiple unbelievable discoveries and events that occur causing fear within the morgue. There’s a little bit of horror involved and a cliff hanger at the end, keeping you intrigued and wanting to know more.

Gossip Girl: This is your classic drama filled show with scandals around every corner. “Gossip Girl” is a person behind a screen documenting a group of people on the Upper East Side, tormenting individuals with the truth about lies and deceit they have committed. The teenagers try and figure out who it is to bring the site down, but they’re all shocked to find out who it really was…

The Office: What’s better than a show with corny jokes and ridiculous actors to keep you laughing throughout every episode? A boss tries to control a paper company in Scranton with typical office workers filled with hilarious and sometimes inappropriate comedy.

•Tiger King (show)
•Insatiable (show)
•The Good Place (show)
•To All The Boys Pt.2 (movie)

Tiger King: A bizarre documentary show about the life of a zookeeper. There is definitely a lot of mayhem when two rivals, Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin, enter a feud and make an accusation of murder. I wasn’t fond of this show, frankly because I thought it was weird and out of my comfort zone, but many Americans took their reactions to making memes and creating TikTok dances based off the show.

Insatiable: An overweight girl who was constantly bullied becomes skinny and wants revenge. She enters a pageant show and wants to do everyone wrong that was mean to her, taking things a little too far. Although I began to like this show in the beginning, I soon got bored of it and wasn’t able to finish the season.

The Good Place: The main character Eleanor goes to the afterlife and finds herself in “the good place,” although she’s not supposed to be because there was a mistake. She pretends she belongs in hopes of staying there and shedding all of her bad ways. I wasn’t fond of this show because, again, I grew bored of it and couldn’t finish the series. I also thought it was a little bit weird and had poor acting and events.

To All The Boys Pt.2: Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the first movie, but this one was just not it. In the movie, Lara Jean and Peter are in an official relationship instead of a fake one when Lara Jean meets with another one of her past lovers and grows feelings, causing her to fight with Peter. The storyline was boring and nothing like the fun and enjoyment experienced in the first one. There wasn’t enough charm and the plot was pretty basic, not peaking my interest.

Hopefully my insight helped in making the right decisions on what TO watch and what NOT to watch while in quarantine!


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