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What should you get for Christmas?

Have you ever wondered what to get others for Christmas? Here are some ideas that might help give you a jump start on the gifts most people want. 

According to the internet, the best gift to get teen girls is beauty products, and skincare is on the top. The next most popular items are decor for their rooms, electronics, clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. These are just a few examples of what you might want to get for a teen girl. For the boys, it is shown that LED strips are at the top. Then, electronics, stuff for gaming, sports equipment, shoes, and clothes. These are at the top of a teen boy’s list.

Here is what some of my peers said was at the top of their list this year. Ella Robison stated that she would like an Apple watch. Caila George explained that she would like a camera. Jocelyn Frantz said she would like another monitor. Patience Luce expressed that she would like new Nike shoes. Madison Makosky also wanted a new pair of shoes -Jordan ones. Tristan Ehrie explained that he would like a PS5. Kendall Farthing said she would like comfy clothes. Landon Bishop stated that he wants a new pair of shoes. Nick Ross stated he wants a subwoofer. Carli Thornton said she would like a new Nike hoodie.

In conclusion, Hopefully this helped you get an idea of what others may want for Christmas. This is just what is on the top of the list, but what is more important is the thought and meaning behind the gift you give. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


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Kelsey Wolfe
Kelsey Wolfe
Kelsey Wolf has entered into her first year of journalism as a Sophomore Writer and Junior Editor. During the time spent at Blue Ridge School District, she is known for being very outgoing and athletic. She participates in Track and Field competing in long jump, pole vault, and hurdles. Along with that, she manages the girls' basketball team and the soccer team.
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