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What Should You Bring With You to College This Fall?

By: Delia Geyer/ Content Editor

For most seniors, college is going to be an extremely new experience. Many students our age have never lived without their parents, and have never lived on their own or semi-alone. A lot of these students are wondering what they should and shouldn’t bring to college. Some things that students should bring to college are obvious such as soap and shampoo, or pens and pencils.

Below is a list of less obvious college necessities and things you should bring, especially if you are staying in a dorm.

Necessities and Other Things:

  • Bed Sheets- For most dorms they will need to be size Twin XL.
  • An alarm clock- Waking up can be a struggle, but being able to silence your phone can make it even more difficult, so an alarm clock would be best.
  • Clothes Hangers- These are essential for any closet.
  • A Desk Lamp- For late night studying when your roommate wants to sleep.
  • A Laundry Basket- Since your laundry basket will likely be down the hall (at the closest), you will need a basket to carry your clothes to and from the washer area. Also, putting dirty clothes in your basket instead of on the floor is a good way to keep your room tidy.
  • A Bathrobe- A bathrobe can make it more convenient to get from your dorm to the bathroom (and vise versa) comfortably.
  • Flip-Flops- These are especially essential if you are going to be living in a dorm and sharing a bathroom. Shared showers can be a bit scuzzy, so wearing flip-flops is never a bad idea.
  • A Shower Tote- This will make it much easier to transport toiletries to and from the bathroom.
  • A Calculator
  • A Flash-drive
  • A Backpack- A backpack will be helpful in carrying supplies from class to class in college.

This is just a brief-outline, and there is a lot more that you should bring with you to your new home for the next part of your life. Make sure to find out from your specific college what else you will need, including what you may need for specific classes.


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