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What is the most popular music genre at Blue Ridge?

By: Travis Stanton/Senior Writer

As someone who loves music, I was curious as to what kinds of music other students (and even teachers) are interested in. To ascertain the answer to my curious question, I decided to ask others the big question: “What’s your favorite music genre?” Below are the results.

Coming in at first place is country music, with a total of five votes, not much of a surprise.

Earning the second most votes is rock, with three votes

Tied for second is alternative and classic at two votes, almost tying with rock.

Ending in a four-way tie for fourth, we have other culture, grunge, folk, and pop with one vote each.

If you would like to listen the favorite songs of those at Blue Ridge, here is a Spotify playlist containing a few:

If anyone has a song they would like added to the playlist, let me know and I’ll add it, as long as it can be found on Spotify. You can contact me at

Do you like Drake’s recent album? Read Kate Scott’s review at:


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