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What is it Like Being a Senior?

By: Peyton Gelinger and Carissa Zawiski/Sophomore writers

Are Blue Ridge seniors getting a serious case of senioritis? Are they stressed out or sad about this being their last year of high school? We asked some of our seniors questions about how they felt about being a senior, and this is what they had to say.

What is it like being a senior?

Ben Gudykunst: “You get to leave flex early for lunch and on half days, you get to leave before lunch. You get bonuses being a senior.”

Ashley Mirrah: “It’s wild, it goes slow but at the same time it goes fast.”

Hailey Tripp: “It feels pretty similar to every other year, you just get more privileges.”

Kyra Powell: “You’re on top and finally earned your place, but in the same breath everything is a last time.”

Andrew Merrell: “It’s nice to see that I’ll be moving on from something that I’ve been doing for 12 years.”

What are some of the stressful parts about being a senior?

Ben Gudykunst: “Trying to keep grades up for your transcript so colleges can see them.”

Ashley Mirrah: “Picking the right major and college.”

Hailey Tripp: “Getting college applications in on time and looking for financial aid opportunities can be stressful.”

Kyra Powell: “Balancing me-time with schoolwork, extracurricular activities, work, and home.”

Andrew Merrell: “Getting everything ready for college.”

Do you know what your future career goals are? And what colleges you would like to attend?

Ben Gundykunst: “My future career goals are becoming an engineer or an architect,  also maybe joining the military. I would also like to attend a four year college. I’m interested in Penn Tech.”

Ashley Mirrah: “Yes, I’m planning to attend Northampton Community College for a degree in funeral service/mortuary science.”

Hailey Tripp: “I would like to attend Wilkes University next year, but I’m undecided about my major.”

Kyra Powell: “I’m going to pursue a career in Real Estate, but I have a lot of backup plans and ideas. There’s a number of colleges in Florida I’m interested in, but if I could establish myself without attending that’d be great. If not I’ll decide when I qualify for in-state tuition and can visit in person.”

Andrew Merrell: “I plan on continuing running the family business (Mess’s Fireworks). I believe I’ll be attending Suny Broome for 2 years and finishing my bachelors at Binghamton University.”

If you had to give advice to next year students what would it be?

Ben Gudykunst: “Don’t get senioritis too early. Try to keep your grades up as much as possible.”

Ashley Mirra: “Don’t trust anyone and don’t expect your friends to stay around.”

Hailey Tripp: “Just try your hardest to keep your grades up and join extra curricular activities. It can really help!”

Kyra Powell: “Push yourself, but don’t overload yourself with too much to do, that’ll burn up all the fuel too fast.”

Andrew Merrell: “Have fun and don’t get too stressed out.”

The seniors that were interviewed had a lot to say about what their senior year is like, and some of the stress that comes along with it. We wish our seniors the best of luck and a great last year of high school.


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