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What is Coming Up for the Band?

By: Tori Auckland/A&E Editor

This month for the band is full of exciting things! All of their hard work has been paying off and they are so excited to show off their talents! Led by Mr. LoRusso, the band is taking off on new adventures and here is their agenda!

January 10th- The band is going to Wyoming Valley West High School to practice for the Senior Wind Band Celebration during the school day.

January 24th-25th- A plethora of the students from band have been invited to play in the Senior Wind Band Celebration.

January 25th- The Blue Ridge band’s combined performance with the Wyoming Valley West High School at Marywood University. The performance begins at 1pm, family and friends are encouraged to attend!

January 31st-1st- The band is going to West Chester for an overnight clinic to further expand their talents.

Make sure you keep up with the band and the great things that they have been doing!


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