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What Does It Really Mean? #1

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor

“What Does It Mean” is a new segment on the Raider Reader that presents quotes to the student body at Blue Ridge High School, and allows them to interpret and reflect on it.  One student from each grade is allowed to share their public or anonymous exposition on what they are provided with.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

An anonymous senior interprets this quote as a call to action for others to prepare to the best of their ability, claiming that “without giving one hundred percent, no task can be fulfilled all the way,” and that it can apply to everyone and the decisions they make throughout their lives.

“I think this quote is saying that the speaker is willing to take a long time to prepare for something hard,” a nameless sophomore states.  They then apply this quote to the many emotional trials one may face, comparing their mind to the axe and proclaiming that it is definitely okay to take some time to prepare for anything that may cause struggles.

A freshman approached this quote differently, saying that it can apply to people wasting time to complete tasks.  “If you give someone too much time to do something, they may just use that time improperly. It reminds me of instances where I have too much time to do something and I have an extra hour to do something completely different.”

Lastly, a junior interpreted the quote in a very simple way; that when you prepare yourself properly, you can make a six hour job shorter. They say that it makes them feel as if the honors courses at Blue Ridge are preparing them for an easier future.

It appears that students at Blue Ridge understand the importance of preparation in life. Stay on the look out for more interesting/meaningful quotes and interpretations!


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