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Welcome To A New Position at Blue Ridge High School

By: Brock Fuller/ Junior Content Editor

There have been a lot of changes at Blue Ridge School District. One of those changes is having a new 11th/12th grade AP Government/Macroeconomics teacher. His name is Mr. Orner and he is extremely happy to be here. The reason he became a teacher is because he wanted to pass on what his teachers taught him, and he wanted to be the good teacher he always wanted as a kid. Though it has been a rough transition for him, the highschoolers, especially in his Macroeconomics class, are such a good group of kids that they make the experience a lot better. 

The 11th/12th grade AP Government/Macroeconomics teacher. Orner told me what he finds the most challenging about his job is anything math related. His hobbies are geocaching, skiing, board games, playing music, roller hockey and camping. His future plans are to roll with the punches and be open to any new opportunities.


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Brock Fuller
Brock Fuller
Brock Fuller is a Junior in his first year of Journalism.  Brock play’s two sport’s which include cross country and track. He plans  on getting a Cyber Security job after High school.
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