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Welcome The Buck

By: Brock Fuller/Junior Writer

There have been a lot of changes at Blue Ridge School District during the start of the 2021-2022 school year. One of those changes includes having a new Middle School English/ History Teacher. He’s is stepping in as Mr. Orners  Replacement and teaching 7th grade English. Who is this nice man well his name is … Mr.Buck and he is very excited and happy to start teaching here. 

The reason he became a teacher was because he wanted to teach kid’s life lessons. He was struck with inspiration from his coaches and teachers. When he was growing up they did about the same for him. He also liked the idea of it. For him he decided to go the route for English and History.

Mr.Buck said that he wanted to teach 11th and 12th grade because he wanted to be able to inspire them and make it last. Saying that the older kids can grasp more information quicker and easier. Mr.Buck also knows that the older kids will understand his life lessons better than a bunch of 7th graders. He told me he does like his job despite what he originally wanted because the kids are great and his colleagues are amazing.

The new 7th grade English teacher shared what it is about his job he finds to be the most challenging which is keeping the kids focused on their school work. His hobbies include playing basketball, watching movies, skateboarding and hanging with his dog. Mr. Bucks future plans as a teacher include coaching a couple of sports. 


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Brock Fuller
Brock Fuller
Brock Fuller is a Junior in his first year of Journalism.  Brock play’s two sport’s which include cross country and track. He plans  on getting a Cyber Security job after High school.
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