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“Vultures” Album Review

By: Jaydon Barile/Junior Writer

Vultures is a newly released joint album by Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign which has been highly anticipated by their fans. Vultures was released on February 9, 2024 and is the first joint album from the two artists since “Cheers to the Best Memories” in 2021.

This album, already at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, is experiencing mixed reviews. On one hand there are millions of people who enjoy the album but there are also millions who refuse to listen to West’s music based on his history of voicing controversial viewpoints. 

Album Pros:

  • Uniqueness: This entire album is full of many interesting samples that will grab listeners and keep them intrigued. These artists went as far as getting vocals from the Inter Milan soccer team to put into their song. These samples do not only add uniqueness to the albums, but they also get the listeners more engaged in the music.
  • Features: West and Ty Dolla Sign graciously share their album with multiple guest artists. This is includes mainstream singers like Playboi Carti, Travis Scott, and Quavo, but there are also lesser known vocalists like Bump J, North West, and Freddie Gibbs. This is smart move on West and Ty Dolla Sign’s part, since this selection of guest artists adds diversity and expands the possible audience.
  • Diversity: This album brought along a large range of music. Some songs are strictly rap-based, while others seem more pop-focused. This definitely expands the audience.

Album Cons:

  • Controversy: Kanye West, a controversial person, to say the least, maintains his persona. His lyrics might make certain people shy away from listening to them to begin with.
  • Randomness: Although the diversity of this album helps it, the lack of order seems to take away from it. There is no set theme and at times it feels like one is just listening to a random playlist. 
  • Timing: This album has been pushed back for a very long time now. It was originally set to be released in late 2023 but didn’t make its way to the public until February, 2024. This delay cost West and Dolla Sign in that a lot of potential listeners lost interest and a lot of the songs seem to be outdated.

Final Review

Despite the mixed reviews found across the internet, I give this album a slightly above average six out of ten (6/10). Overall, this wasn’t the worst album from either of these two artists, but it is far from their best. I would recommend this album to somebody looking for a unique listening experience who doesn’t care about the background of the album.


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Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile is 16 years old and is currently a junior at Blue Ridge High School who lives in New Milford. He hopes to pursue a career as a restaurant owner. Jaydon Barile is trying to do well in highschool to give him more opportunities to go to college. This is Jaydon’s first year in journalism and he hopes to bring attention to different events that happen in his school.
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