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Varsity Girls Cross Country

By: Madeline Naylor/Senior Writer

Over the years, the girls’ varsity cross country teams have done great individually, but there is something different about them this season. Not only has their mentality changed, but the girls have also worked very hard throughout the summer. They have a lot of potential this year. To gather more insight on this season, the other girls on the team were asked questions.

The Team’s Thoughts

Senior, Olivia Phillips, who is now on her sixth year said, “I believe that this season has a lot of potential for our girls. We have a strong pack in the front, and Addison and I to tie it up in the back.”

Senior, Rheanna Valentine, who is running for her first year, said, “Even though I am not running at my full potential currently, I have a feeling that the girls team will make it further than we have before due to the hard work we put in during preseason. Once the whole team is in their best conditions, we expect to see good outcomes.”

Sophomore, Delaney Tench, who is now on her 4th year of running said, “Mentality plays a big part in running and our girls prioritize that, making sure everyone has a good mindset and supporting each other. I believe we will have a great season this year. We also put a lot of work in preseason.”

After interviewing some of the girls on the team you can see that mentality plays a big part to the team and it really benefits them.

Certified athletic trainer Sarah Decker, who teaches health and physical education at Blue Ridge, says: “If you mentally are not prepared for an event or practice your body is not going to perform to its best of its ability regardless of how good you are at the sport” In addition, this shows that it doesn’t matter how good of an athlete you are, mentality plays the biggest part in an athletes life.

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Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor is a senior at Blue Ridge School District, this is her first year in journalism. She spends most of her time running and hanging out with her friends. In the future she will attend Misericordia running track and cross country, also pursuing a major in social work.
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