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Vaccine Clinic at Blue Ridge

By: Trista Stone/Junior writer

On May 7th 2021, The Blue Ridge School held a vaccine clinic with a pharmacist by the name of Eric Pusey. Eric began giving vaccines to students all around Lackawanna County. Matthew Nebzydoski was in charge of keeping everything in order. He feels that this will hopefully reduce cases in school and prevent students from having to quarantine. Nebzydoski’s daughter, Maggie, got the Covid-19 vaccine due to being a first responder ski patrol.

Two juniors, Reese Allen and Rayne Glover, talked to the Raider Reader about what it was like getting the shot. They both got the first dose on May 7th, and are getting the second dose on May 28th. Allen mentioned she was not nervous to get the shot and other than her arm being sore, she felt great. She feels this will benefit her in some way because she won’t have as much restrictions and will be less of a risk to others. Glover agreed with Allen that she wasn’t nervous about getting the shot, but that she was a little nervous as to what the side effects would be. A couple days after getting the shot Glover mentioned that she felt good for awhile but had a sore arm here and there. Glover states, ” I feel getting this vaccine will help a lot of people with the spreading and receiving of the virus and it will lower the numbers in the school by a large amount.”

Senior Andrew Scott if fully vaccinated. He brought up that he was nervous to get the shot because of the possible side effects and he didn’t want to get sick. He says, “being nervous is a necessary part of life” he continued by saying, “I feel confident in the science behind the vaccine” After Scott got his first shot, he woke up the next morning and his arm was just sore.

After he got his second dose, Scott says that he got sick. He had a low-grade fever and made the mistake of going to school the next day because he pushed himself to do his daily life tasks. He feels as though he’s better off with the vaccine. Scott says, ” I understand the fear behind getting a new vaccine, but I feel the benefits completely outweigh the risks.”

Scott added, “Scientists are still studying long term effectiveness and some are saying that I can’t spread it all. This allows me to live quilt free. I think its important to remember that when we look at side effects, there is no circumstances where a few flukey situations should effect the entire population. I 100% recommend you to get a vaccine unless you have had life threatening side effects to other vaccines. Do your part to get vaccinated so we can all go back to living our normal lives!”

The total number of students who got the vaccine is 45. With parents a total of 21 with a whole total of 66 counting students and parents. With that being said, the pharmacist will be returning May 17th, May 28th, June 4th, and June 7th where many students will get first or second shot.


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Trista Stone
Trista Stone
Trista Stone is a senior in her second year of journalism. Trista participates in softball and basketball cheerleading. She plans to attend college after graduation to become an occupational therapist! In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and go shopping:)
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