Monday, May 10, 2021

U.S. Foreign Affairs: Has America Gone too Far?

By: Dane Beers/Raider Reader Web Master


          Recently there has been tension between the United States and other countries, such as Russia and North Korea. Russia is a superpower much like us and can cause major damage to the U.S. if they saw fit to do so. The Russian President Vladimir Putin once said that he could completely destroy the U.S. in under 30 minutes. Gregory Bitner, a teacher at Blue Ridge, said “I think he says things to make himself look like a tough guy to his country.”. Maybe this is why not too many Americans are worried about an attack from Russia, because they think Putin is bluffing.

          Also, North Korea recently has came forth and said that they have gained the ability to develop a H-Bomb, there has also been a rumor saying that they tested this bomb, although the magnitude of the bomb was not strong enough to match an H-bomb so the U.S. thinks that North Korea may be bluffing. “I’m sure they could, but if it worked or not would be a different story. Personally I believe it would fail eventually, as they are not the most prominent nation.” Connor Hartman, a senior at Blue Ridge High school, stated. The question is, did they already make it?

          Russian submarines have recently been seen scouting around the international internet cords that are ran under the ocean and the United States has confirmed that these submarines have the equipment to cut these cords. The U.S. is worried that Russia is planning something. “…if they are planning something, it would be cutting the internet, blacking out the U.S. from the rest of the world, and then attack us,” stated Hartman.

Although, Bitner exclaimed “I don’t think they are planning something like cutting internet cords. However, it is a situation we should keep an eye on.” Opinions across the nations are scattered, what is the right way to handle this? Will the Presidency choose wisely to keep anything catastrophic from happening to our great country?

Many Americans think that getting involved in foreign affairs is a great way to protect, others think that it puts us in danger. “They should maybe try and stay out of it and focus on our own home field. The U.S tends to get into more trouble, the more it gets into foreign affairs.” answered Hartman. The counter argument for this would be that if we don’t get involved then we won’t know if they are planning anything or we won’t have any allies, but some say we have already gone too far and we can’t pull away from the other countries. Much like when we bombed Japan, our Treaty with them states that we must protect them if they get into a war, but they must keep a small military. Has America gone too far? Or is it all a game of strategy?

Logan Burdick
Logan Burdick is a 12th grade, first year journalism student. He is the National Honor Society Secretary and an FBLA Reporter in the Blue Ridge chapters, and also participates in theatre. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.


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