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These Six Walls

Sierra Watts/Sophomore Writer

In Ms. Brown’s English class students were asked to write a poem about adversity. Adam Crook wrote this…

Your limbs unmoving

Your mood, unchanging

The dreaded routine is getting unbearable

You just put on the plastic smile, it’s unchangeable

Unchanging from what people see, this second you

What they see of you is not what is true

Nothing changes but each second, within the six walls

You’re getting sick of these days, each passed making more drawls


Your deviance is misconstrued as pitiful, this hits critical the monotony you break becomes harder nearly impossible

You tried to not become just another waste of space but that’s how you feel when you’re “real,” these thoughts come in haste

The sun appears and  begins the colors of the season of fall

The new beginning is a sign of dread reflecting on these six walls

Your limbs come to life but start to ache

You get up for your own sake

Your lips dry and cracked

Your mind wanders off track

You push off the bed and fall

For this is your day of long rest within the six walls



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