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The Ultimate Ugly Sweater

By Emma Davis Editor-in-Chief

Blue Ridge students celebrated the week before their holiday break with a daily theme, one of which was the the ugly sweater contest.

Contest winner Lillian Edwards (freshman) says her sweater is particularly special.

“My sweater is exceptional because my mom made it,” she says.

Knowing that confidence is a key factor with particular fashion choices, Edwards was asked how much confidence it took her to wear this ugly sweater.

“It took a lot,” she says.

She was asked if the compliments helped her.

“The compliments made me more embarrassed because it’s like a big globe on my stomach.”

Closeup of the globe on Lillian’s  Sweater.
Photo Taken By: Emma Davis

Over the course of the day Edwards says she received many compliments for her sweater, but she had one favorite.

“Probably when Mrs. Moak said, ‘I’m surprised it hasn’t broken yet because it’s so big.'”

Winning was definitely not what she expected.

She simply stated “I did not,” when asked if she thought she was going to win.

The Judge’s Thoughts

Attendance clerk Maura Gillespie was the judge for the high schoolers.

“I was surprised to see how many students participated,” says Gillespie.

While all judges have their own techniques for determining a winner, Gillespie says she decided to pick the winner based on creativity.

Gillespie was asked if she had anything to say to the winners.

“I can’t wait to see what next year holds,” she says.

So, can you create an uglier sweater?

Read about the holiday spirit week here:https://www.raiderreader.org/holiday-spirit-week/

Make your own ugly Christmas sweater with these directions:https://www.thepioneerwoman.com/holidays-celebrations/g45281058/diy-ugly-christmas-sweater-ideas/


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