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The Truth Behind the Tattoos: Dillon Macleod

A recent increase in black ink throughout the hallways of Blue Ridge has inspired a new Q & R column, “The Truth Behind the Tattoos.” Behind every tattoo, lies a story. I am here to unfold these stories one by one, every week. I decided to start with the newest tattoo (to my knowledge), Dillon Macleod’s.

Dillons Tattoo 1/2 way done

Interview with Dillon Macleod, 18 years old, BR senior

Hanna McCarthy: When and where did you get your tattoo?

Dillon: September 19th 2022 at Sickboy Tattoo Studio in Montrose, PA.

Hanna: What and where is your tattoo?

Dillon: My tattoo is a guitar head on my forearm.

Hanna: What is the significant meaning of your tattoo?

Dillon: My tattoo is meant to honor my grandfather, “Papa Ron,” who made and loved country music as much as I do.

Hanna: What would you say to someone who is thinking about getting a tattoo?

Dillon: As long as it means something to you I would recommend it. I would suggest people go to Sickboy’s.



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Hanna McCarthy
Hanna McCarthy
Hanna McCarthy is currently a senior at Blue Ridge. She is the president of National Honor Society, the president of Science Club, the vice president of FBLA, the vice president of Leo Club, the vice president of Student Council, the vice president of SADD and Secretary of the class of 2023. Hanna loves to play golf and basketball for the Lady Raiders. Her favorite thing to do outside of school is spending time with her friends and family.
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