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The Start of NASCAR Season 2024

By Gehrig Dibble/ Junior Writer

Last year the NASCAR season was very intriguing and entertaining. Last year, the overall winner was Ryan Blaney. Many of the races, such as the Fall Talladega race and the Chicago Street Race, both were a very close race. They started new traditions such as the 2nd annual “Clash at the Colosseum” and continued old ones like the Darlington Race which has been going on since 1951.

Last year it was a tight race as the top three racers were all within three points of each other at the end of the year.

The standings were as follows:

  • 1st Place- Ryan Blaney with 5035 points
  • 2nd Place- Kyle Larson with 5034 points
  • 3rd Place- William Byron with 5033 points

It was obviously, as the standings show, a very close and competitive year.

With first race of the year already completed, Denny Hamlin came out on top at the 150 lap short track race in Los Angeles, California.

A completely new era in stock car racing is ushered in today as Ford unveils its all-new 2022 NASCAR Next Gen Mustang to the public in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Next Gen Mustang will compete in the NASCAR Cup Series starting next season.

The projected winners for this year are William Byron or Kyle Larson, who are both projected top three most likely to win the cup this year.

When asking students about how they predict the NASCAR season,

senior Morgan Thomas said, “I think Chase Elliott will win the cup overall and the upcoming Daytona 500.”

Jaydon Barile, a junior student, was also asked what his predictions for this NASCAR year would be.

He responded with, “I believe that Matt DiBenedetto will win it all this season. Although he has been in retirement for awhile, I think he can come back in full force and be the best NASCAR racer to ever live”

In conclusion, even though the popularity of NASCAR has been up and down, there are many fans in Blue Ridge. After a great 2023 season, the 2024 season has a lot of excitement and a lot of people are very intrigued to see what happens in the very near future.  The biggest race of the year Daytona 500 is coming up next Sunday, February 18.

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Gehrig Dibble
Gehrig Dibble
Gehrig Dibble is 16 years old and is currently a Junior at Blue Ridge HIgh School. He lives in New Milford, PA.  He hopes to do well in high school so he can hopefully attend college.  He is undecided on what he wants to do in the future. This is Gehrig’s first year in journalism and he hopes to bring attention to events at Blue Ridge that are often overlooked.


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