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The Spanish Class Extravaganza

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

Students in Ms. Jesse’s Spanish class found themselves in a “Spanish Restaurant” last Wednesday. Jesse hopes that this activity will “help accelerate her students’ ability to think critically” with the language.

Jesse has played a major role in the teaching of Spanish at Blue Ridge for over 12 years, and says she loves what she does. It is easy for one to see the intense care radiating off of her when a student asks a question. Her quick, yet exacting responses aim towards helping to grow their overall desire to learn and push through. These simple, yet powerful actions are what set her apart from your everyday teacher.

After visiting the class during the restaurant task, I held a different point of view. One full of interest and eagerness to see how it helps her class grow and develop essential communication skills. What is the impact of such an activity? We may not know immediately, but one thing is for sure- Ms. Jesse does!

Spanish 1 student Tyler Hillard enjoys donut.
Spanish 1 student Tori Auckland assuming the role of a “waitress.”


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