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The Rise of Esports

By: Patrick Brennan/Business Operations Manager

As technology evolves in our everyday lives, so does gaming, specifically Esports. Electronic Sports (E-Sports) consists of people forming teams and playing video games to compete for prizes in competitions. E-Sports mostly consist of first-person shooter games or MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where two or more teams fight to capture an area or defeat the other team in any way possible.

Esports could have a lot of benefits for people who aren’t as “athletically inclined” as other people. esports will allow people with physical disabilities to participate in a team. Video Games also help to expand mental abilities. The games help those who can not walk or people who do not have full mobility because video games only require hand movement and minimal head movement. This would help many people with being part of a team even if they aren’t able to participate physically. Video games also help with hand-eye coordination and reflexes and being able to solve problems faster than a normal person. Esports also are more involved with fans and players than real sports because the companies that sponsor esports teams actually listen to the fans and take suggestions for other games. Video games can also lead to many good jobs in graphic design and animation for people who want to make advancements for games in the future for the next generations to enjoy and compete with.

Provided the pros there are some cons of Esports. There are many health concerns with this “profession” for example a study provided by Ingo Froböse, a professor at the German Sports University in Cologne who has led a study into esports performance and health for 8 years, shows that the average professional player spends 24-25 hours a week gaming while sitting. Even though this is not good for most people the advancements that are being made to video games are going to become more and more physical. There are currently devices being invented and re-imagined to include more leg and arm work so it can also be a workout while you play. For example, there are treadmills being made that can move in 8 directions so when you move the tread moves the opposite direction so you can stay centered.

The future of sports is changing and allowing video game professionals to earn as much as popular sports players. Colleges are now even offering clubs for kids to join their Esports teams and compete against other schools at the collegiate level. Esports has the potential to be a legititamte career that should not be ignored.


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