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The Return of the Career Advisement Period

By: Kaelin Hughes/Junior Writer

Last year, High School guidance counselors Paula Finn and Shauna Williams had students take a survey on possible classes they would like to be a part of in the future. This survey determined what specific class, based on careers, the students would be placed in. The classes consisted of STEM, Psychology, Information Technology, Health Science, Communications, and many more.

I asked counselor Paula Finn the following questions about her thoughts on the Career Advisement Period:

Q: Why do we have this period? What is the purpose of it?

A: Research shows that students need to be exposed to different careers, it gives them a better idea of what they want to pursue, and makes them better prepared.

Q: What are your thoughts on it?

A:  I really like it, us counselors went to a training in the county and were really inspired by someone’s story about career advisement. After hearing that, we knew we had to try something like that.

Q: What changes can we expect this year? Different classes? Anything?

A: We look at job clusters in the state to determine what we put on the survey. We’re attempting to cover every field with these classes. There will probably be a content change, along with different discussions and speakers.

After consulting Mrs. Finn about the period, I asked students about their experiences last year with the addition of the new period. Junior, Tori Auckland, says she was put in a class that wasn’t really for her, and that it wasn’t beneficial, whereas another junior, Gia Fiore, believed that the career period was a “good concept” and it helped her, for it seemed to be “more useful than core classes.” Fiore’s only objection was the execution of the period, and that students should be able to switch classes faster, instead of having to go to three periods then changing.

Overall, students both anticipate and dread the return of the Career Advisement Period, and our guidance counselors assure that this year will have some changes that will be much better for the students.


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