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The Return of Fun to Blue Ridge

By: Annie Bonner/Content Editor

Pep rallies, field days, spirit weeks, and class wars are a huge part of most high schools experience. Blue Ridge High School was no exception- that is up until a few years ago. After countless years of having the amazing experiences of the previously mentioned, a lot of the fun was taken away from the students at Blue Ridge. The past few years at our school, there have been many changes to the activities we do during the school year. Suddenly, students were not allowed to have pep rallies, field days was a no-go, and spirit weeks were heavily revised. Why the changes to our yearly activities? Previous administrators believed that the students at Blue Ridge needed more instructional time and less festivities.  

During the 2017-2018 school year, virtually all of the pep rallies and non instructional activities were stripped from the students. This upset many students, including sophomore Jenna Crocker.

Crocker said “I felt like everyone else that had previously been in the high school got to have a lot of fun, and my grade got to experience none of that.”

This year, Blue Ridge has a new principal, Mrs. Casey Webster. Mrs. Webster attended Blue Ridge herself and graduated in 2001.

Webster says “School spirit is very important to any high school because it gives everyone a sense of pride in their school.”

When asked if she planned on bringing things such as pep rallies and field days back to Blue Ridge this year, she responded “Yes, I announced in each class meeting that we will be having more pep rallies and activities.” She also says that students can come to her with any new ideas.

It sounds as though the 2018-2019 school year will be a great one and one to remember.


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5 years ago

This is a wonderful article

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