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The Office Review

By Delia Geyer/ Content Editor

For those of you who don’t know, The Office is a nine-season-long series that takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania about the daily life of the employees for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The Office began airing in 2005, but has lately caused a stir in the lives of many people as they (like me) binge watch all 9 seasons.

When I first started watching The Office, I thought it was boring and dry. I thought Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, was obnoxious and uncouth. All this aside, I continued to watch the show. I wanted to see what everyone was talking about when they said they loved The Office. I hadn’t seen anything to love yet, but with over eight seasons left, I had some time.

My biggest complaint throughout the first two seasons was always “I can’t stand Michael.” I would talk to my peers and they would look so taken aback and exclaim that they loved him. After some time, Michael began to grow on me. I started to enjoy his humor and he stopped appearing to me as an obnoxious character that I dreaded. I was actually sad to see him leave the show many seasons later.

Somewhere between seasons three, four, and five, I realized that I started watching The Office because I was interested in the relationship between Jim and Pam, and also the relationship between Jim and Dwight. The characters in the show are easy to connect to on an emotional level even if you can’t exactly relate to them in any way. At this point, I had started to enjoy The Office. I giggled at the comedy and found myself watching at least one episode every day. I basically watched The Office in all my free-time.

By the time I was towards the end of the show, I found The Office extremely funny. I would have random moments of laughing out loud and at times, I would even pause the show to talk about it, laugh about it, or even re-watch the moment.

After growing attached to some of the characters, I started looking at who played them. I watched a blooper video one time that showed a lot of the actors accidentally laughing and going out of character. I followed some of the actors on Instagram and I was able to see how different they are from who they portray on the show. In my opinion, the actors were all very good. I thought everyone was cast perfectly in their roles, even though none of them even closely resembled what they appear to be like in real life.

Overall, I definitely recommend watching The Office if you enjoy dry humor. I thought the show as a whole was very comedic and generally fun to watch. At first, I thought the show was completely overrated, but I am glad I stuck it out through the first few seasons because it ended up being a show that I enjoyed and was actually slightly sad to finish.


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