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The New Leaders of Leo Club

By: Mary Kerr/Social Media Director

Leo Club is one of the strongest clubs that Blue Ridge has. For years, Leo Club has gained more and more recognition through running food and clothing drives, hosting Veteran’s Day breakfasts, and having members volunteer at several charity events throughout our community. The reputation that the Blue Ridge Leo Club has gained over the years is owed to their great adviser, Kristen Latting,  and the responsible young leaders which it contains.

Recently, the Leo Club held officer elections and the members cast their votes to determine who would be leading them this year. The Leo Club 2018-2019 officers are, President: Isabelle Morris, Vice President: Hailey Tripp, Secretaries: Jerni Schell and Danielle Goff, Treasurer: Annie Bonner, and Public Relations: Mary Kerr.

Veterans Day breakfast held by the Leo Club. Photo taken by Morgan Mansfield

Senior, Isabelle Morris, has been elected as the president of the club. This is her second year in Leo Club. For Morris’ first two years of high school she lived in Florida. While living in Florida, she has participated in other volunteer clubs and gained over 100 hours of volunteer work. Her role as president requires her to direct the club, hold meetings, and organize events within the community and school district.

When asked what Morris would like to achieve as president this school year, she said “success within the club in giving back to the community.” Her favorite part of volunteering and giving back is “the feeling it gives me and knowing that I’m impacting others positively.”

At Morris’ side stands newly elected, Vice President, senior, Hailey Tripp. Tripp has been an active member of the Leo Club for five years. Her favorite part of being a member of the Leo Club is “being able to help out and give back to the community with such a nice group of people.” Tripp’s position requires her to work with Morris and the other members to make decisions on the club’s and help organize events.

Students making blankets for the homeless. Photo taken by Gwen MacConnell.

This year, the secretary role is a little different than in the past. Advisor, Mrs. Kristen Latting decided to have two students hold the secretary position due to the extensive work and responsibilities the role contains. The secretaries for the 2018-2019 school year are seniors, Jerni Schell and Danielle Goff. Being elected as secretaries, Schell and Goff will have to organize records of the Leo Club’s information and work with the other members to help organize events and plan them accordingly.

Schell has been an active member of Leo Club for seven years. Her favorite part of being a part of Leo Club is “being able to make a little change in homes in our town.”

Goff has been a member of Leo club for four years.  When asked what inspires her to work so hard and volunteer for Leo Club, she says “the feeling I get when I help others.”

Treasurer, Annie Bonner has been a hard working member for the Leo Club for seven years. Bonner has donated her time to many different activities and projects through the Leo Club. Some of her favorite activities that she has done are “Shopping for the Toys for Tots children, and helping with the sharing parade.” As the treasurer, Bonner will have to keep track of fundraising and expenses throughout the club.

Treasurer Annie Bonner, with Advisor Mrs. Latting, showing a Leo Club tee shirt. Photo taken by Morgan Mansfield.

Editor’s Note: The author of this piece, Mary Kerr, has obtained the position of public relations for the club for the 2018-2019 school year. She has been in the club for 5 years. Kerr says, “I like to be apart of the Leo club because it is such a strong group of people who are achieving the goal of helping other people.”  As holding the public relations position, Kerr will have to manage the club’s social media pages and network with local charities for volunteer purposes.


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