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The New Google Policy and How it Affects BR

by: Marissa Fiske/Junior Writer

There was a new policy enacted by google onto students. It restricts students, 18 years and below, from sharing any type of folder with one another. Students are not able to share photos through folders unless they have a specific network folder made for them by the IT department. There have been folders made for Journalism and Yearbook, so they can send and receive pictures and keep them in a safe place. What follows is an interview with Blue Ridge’s information-technology specialist, Dawn Crook.

R.R.: What do you think of the new policy that limits sharing google folders with photos to students 18 years and younger?

D.C.: It makes my job difficult, but I understand why it’s being done.

R.R.: Do you think kids will get around it?

D.C.: I never say never. With the settings that are set in place, I doubt it, but if they do, Google will shut down the account, and I also get contacted.

R.R.: What do you personally think is the most likely reason for Google to make this policy?

D.C.: Unfortunately, there are a few national court cases where students shared improper photos with each other.

R.R.: What alternative options are there for clubs, such as yearbook and journalism, that share photos via a shared Google folder?

D.C.: There are network folders that are set up specifically for those clubs. I can also make more servers when that need arises.

Here’s the link to read more about the policy:

Read more about different policies here:


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Marissa Fiske
Marissa Fiske
Marissa Fiske is a junior who is the secretary of her class. She is in National Honors Society. Outside of school, Marissa enjoys being with her loved ones, and going to different places. Marissa spends most of her time with her family and dogs.
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