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The Lion King Jr. Review

By: Gwen MacConnell/Co-Sports Editor

The Blue Ridge Middle School performed the musical, The Lion King Jr., November 17, 18 and 19, and it was very successful. With about three months of rehearsals, the actors were well prepared. The soundtrack was amazing and the students were able to share their talented voices with the audience. For only being in middle school, the actors had great and very mature voices.

Photo by Josh Edwards

The costuming was incredible and definitely caught the eyes of the audience. Katie Edwards, Jennifer Parsons, Sarrah Dibble-Camburn, and many more all contributed to really bring the stage to life. The musical brought in a ton of people and many left smiling. The performance was one that would make anyone in the crowd happy and want to sing along to the music.

You could really tell that the students were having a good time and enjoying themselves up on stage. Their faces lit right up and they became instant stars. Their personalities shined in the spotlight and you couldn’t even sense that nerves were present. It was obvious that the actors put in a lot of time and dedication.

“I liked it, I think it was one of the best middle school plays that I’ve ever seen.” Senior Garrett Mansfield said after attending the musical on the opening night and on the last day.

“I thought it was really good, and a lot like the movie, which I adore,” said senior Delia Geyer, sister of the actor who played Scar, Duncan Geyer.

Photo by Josh Edwards

Personally I loved the musical. I thought that the actors played their roles and fit their characters perfectly. Casting was amazing along with the costuming and stage decorations. I cannot wait to see what the acting department has in store for us next!


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