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The Last Few Days of School Left?!

By: Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

As the last days of school days are counting down, it’s very exciting for some, and scary for others. For seniors, it may be a mix of both because they will graduate and move on with their own lives. Other students are moving up a grade and they are nervous, too. This year’s juniors will soon prepare for graduation, too.


Junior Zach Hessey courtesy of: Zach Hessey

Junior Zach Hessey states that he is happy to be a senior next year.

“It’s just one year closer to leaving here,” says Hessey.

Hessey will do a lot of things in preparation for next year.

“I will visit more colleges, get better grades, etc.,” says Hessey.

Hessey also stated that throughout the years of high school, it gradually got harder.

“This year definitely got harder, but I guess it was alright,” says Hessey.

Freshman Sierra Bross states that this year was actually good.

“It went by fast, but it was a good year,” says Bross. “[The teachers] don’t watch us like hawks and they trust us. I like that.”

Bross also states that she simultaneously is and isn’t ready for next year.



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