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The Hexagon Project

By: Kimberly Bryden/ Junior Writer

In years past, BR art students have raised money to support the fuel assistance program at Interfaith of Montrose, PA.  This year students not only raised money for Interfaith, but also a recipient of their choosing.

“I see students as more invested when choosing to support charitable causes close to their hearts,” says high school art teacher Sarrah Dibble-Camburn.

Students used their own art to collect and donate to the cause by creating hexagon-shaped donation containers which were placed at local businesses.

The project is considered a win-win for students and the community, and, according to Dibble-Camburn, the project allowed students to hone their art skills while gleaning the rewards of serving others.

“This money has helped people afford heat over the winter while giving students an opportunity to feel accomplished.” 

$263.40 will be donated to the cause of keeping people in our community warm in the cold months,” says Camburn.

Freshman Emily Philips chose to donate the money she raised to the Interfaith Fuel Assistance program.

“I wanted to help people in need that are freezing in the winter time,” says Phillips.

Donation totals for this school year were $263.40, making the total collected over the years well over $5,000.

Katie White, Picture Taken By: Sarah Dibble-Camburn
Lauren Stepniak, Picture Taken By: Sarah Dibble-Camburn
Kimberly Bryden, Picture Taken By: Micah Mullen
Emily Phillips, Picture Taken By: Sarah Dibble-Camburn
Karly Gudykunst’s hexagon project
Gia Fiore Self Portrait taken By: Sarah Dibble-Camburn

Picture 1: Katie White, Picture 2: Lauren Stepniak, Picture 3: Kim Bryden, Picture 4: Emily Phillips, Picture 5: Artwork by: Karly Gudykunst, Picture 6: Self Portrait by: Gia Fiore







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