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The Health of Your Dog

By: Marissa Fiske/Junior Writer

Is your dog constantly itching, biting, or licking their paws? This could be an indicator that they have allergies. If you notice that these symptoms are more frequent when the seasons are changing, then you should take your dog to the vet to get them a prescription.

If you notice any symptoms throughout the year then it could be something they are ingesting, or possibly fleas.

If it’s not fleas, you may have to switch their food and get them food that is stomach sensitive. Make sure that you mix their old food with their new food for a few meals, so that you are not cleaning up any puke or diarrhea.

If your dog becomes sick, you can add unseasoned chicken, rice, or pumpkin puree to their meals because those foods are good to help with digestion.

One thing to look for in food is salmon oil and omegas. Omega 3 is very beneficial for sensitive skin and stomach.

On a personal note: I have my dogs on Omega 3, and a Probiotic, but my yellow lab has an antibiotic that he also takes because he needed something that would attack his allergies more harshly.

More things that I have all of my dogs on is a calming oil for anxiety, and a hip and joint supplement so that their joints don’t give out on them so quickly. Personally a brand that I recommend is Natural Dog.

Photos courtesy of The Natural Dog Company

There are foods that you can add on top of your dogs kibble that have many benefits. Some great kibble toppers are chicken livers and hearts. You can also give them regular chicken breasts or thighs, but make sure you take out all of the bones.

Make sure that you watch your dog after changing anything in their diet to see how they react to it or if they like it enough to eat it.

Here are pictures of my own dogs:

Photos by: Marissa Fiske


Here is a link for more information on what you can give your dog:

Here is a link to help you find supplements that would benefit your dog:

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Marissa Fiske
Marissa Fiske
Marissa Fiske is a junior who is the secretary of her class. She is in National Honors Society. Outside of school, Marissa enjoys being with her loved ones, and going to different places. Marissa spends most of her time with her family and dogs.
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