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The Fear of College: How Blue Ridge can help you prepare and apply

By: Mary Kerr/Social Media Director

The students at Blue Ridge High School are given countless opportunities throughout their careers, and have the freedom to choose what they want to do with their futures and lives after high school. Careers after high school have a wide range of requirements, some requiring more training than others. We tend to hear one word over and over again: college. The word college has many different connotations. Some students feel fear of leaving their families, fear of college level classes, fear of costs and loans, and many other emotions just from one word. Yet, even if you are a student and aren’t completely sure if you want to apply and attend college, you should definitely take advantage of the college’s that are scheduled to visit Blue Ridge in the guidance office to view your options and consider college for your post-high school plans.

Throughout the year, (but typically earlier), many colleges and universities come to Blue Ridge throughout the school day. These visits are planned ahead, and are always announced. Students interested in meeting with a college’s/university’s representative to explore their options, should sign up and contact Ms. Finn for more information. The following is a list of the schools that have came, or are scheduled to come to Blue Ridge High School during the 2018-2019 school year:
Pennsylvania College of Technology, September 12th@ 11:30 am.
Misericordia University, September 17th @ 12:30 pm.
Allegheny University, September 19th @ 8:00 am.
Lycoming College, September 19th @ 11:00 am.
Johnson College, October 2nd @ 12:30 pm.
Wilkes University, October 19th @ 11:30 am.
Elizabethtown College, October 25th @ 9:50 am.
Marywood University, October 26th @ 9:50 am.
Cedar Crest College, November 6th @ 11:15 am
King’s College, November 9th @ 9:00 am.

High School guidance counselor, Mrs. Finn, is responsible for helping students arrange college visits with representatives and has a different perspective on the college application process. When asked why she thinks its important for students (even if they are not completely sure on their future plans) to visit and meet with college representatives, Finn said, “It is important for students to keep their options open and ultimately see what they want to do after high school. Options for schooling include four year programs, two year programs, and trade schools.”

Finn’s advice to students who are unsure on their college decisions and plans is “Try not to be overwhelmed by the topic of ‘What do you want to do?’ Changing your path is completely fine, but do not go to a college or school for an unnecessary amount of time and pay a lot of money, for a degree that doesn’t require that much schooling.”

If you are a Blue Ridge student and are unsure if college is for you, or if you can’t afford the costs of it, here’s a few things to consider. Blue Ridge offers AP and Dual Enrollment classes. These courses generally tend to be more rigorous and typically outline the lecture and structure of a college level course. Try taking at least one AP or Dual Enrollment qualifying class. By doing this, you can get some insight to what college level classes tend to look like and how much work they require. Also, if you pass this class, and/or take and pass an AP test for a class, you receive a credit that you took this class and passed. Each college/university accepts different credits and have different policies regarding high school credits. If you’re curious about a specific college AP credit policy, click the link to be directed to The College Board’s credit policy search engine, where you can simply search the name of a school and receive it’s policy regarding high school credits applying to college.

Blue Ridge also provides many scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are a great way to get recognized for your hard work as a high school student with monetary scholarships that help cover the costs of college expenses. Many scholarships are accessible online and the following is a list of scholarships that are provided by the guidance office section on, and consist of scholarships mainly in our community.


Prudential Community Scholarship

National Scholarship Database

Burger King Scholarship

Feel Good Charities Scholarship

Pennsylvania School of Public Relations Scholarship

RYLA Essay Contest

109th Infantry Scholarship

Audubon Scholarship

Northern Tier Hardwood Scholarship

New Milford Loan Application

Susquehanna County Democratic Scholarship

Cinderella’s Closet Scholarship’s%20Closet%20Scholarship.pdf

Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship

Susquehanna County Conservation Scholarship

Medical Suppliers Scholarship

Lewis Busing Scholarship

Susquehanna County Pomona Grange Scholarship

Ray Kroc Scholarship

Progressive Dental Scholarship

Road To Safety Scholarship

Pennsylvania Bluestone Scholarship

Bluestone Lodge No. 338 Scholarship

Zach Pruitt Scholarship  

Planning for life after high school can be stressful and frightening, but it is also an experience which you learn about yourself and your goals. Life after high school does not have to include college, but if you are interested in pursuing an education after high school, take advantage of the resources that our high school is providing us with.


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Breanna Derrick
Breanna Derrick
Breanna Derrick is in her Second Year of Journalism working hard at helping lead the class, and teach new students how to figure out the way of journalism in its self. Through her life she has always been labeled as the Dramatic child, from not being the best in the classroom to working hard to be one of the better at the way of life she admires. Breanna has always loved the spotlight and has always dreamed to be something in the show business industry. When she went to her job shadow at Magic 101.7 in Endicott New York Breanna feel in love with the feel of being on the radio. She is working hard to find a college that will help her achieve this goal and is very excited for the next step in her life being a senior and all. She is now the Content and News Manager of the Raider Reader.
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