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The Boys are Back in Town!

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor

The basketball season may be over for the varsity boys, but it’s time for the old heads to come back and prove that they still got it!

This year’s alumni game is highly anticipated and will be held Friday, March 23 in the main gym at 6 p.m. The varsity boys basketball team will square off against past Blue Ridge graduates and graduates across Lackawanna League players that have played basketball in high school (ancient times). This year is definitely not like year’s past; this alumni team is stacked!

The alumni team will have former players from across the league, dating back to the 70’s! The team’s players will consist of Jake Hinkley; Wes Parks; Austin Harper;Jeff Morris; Nick Folk; John Bennett; Bill Allen; Matthew Button; Tom Lewis; Spencer Stoud; Casey Jenkins; Dave Corbin; Scott Summers; Peter Supko; Joel Chamberlain; Ian Gelinger; Billy Arthur, Tom Lewis Sr; Devin Ralston, and Jim Barbour.

The alumni game is usually a humorous game that is meant to bring the community together and recognize past graduates while making them feel like they’re still a part of their high school.


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