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The Beginning of Winter Sports

By: Carissa Zawiski/Sophomore Writer

It’s the time of year that winter sports are officially starting! The sports that are being played include: boys and girls basketball, basketball cheer-leading, and wrestling. Open gyms and practices for all these sports are underway, preparing athletes for the upcoming season.

Mr. Michael Courtright has previously coached the girls’ basketball team and has returned this year to coach once again. The season kicked off on November 16th with their first official practices.

Blue Ridge sophomore Cameron Phelps says, “I love basketball very much and am excited to see how the season will go.”

As for the boys’ basketball team, the season also began on November 16th. Mr. Casey Jenkins is the coach for the boys’ basketball team, and has been for the past five years.

Sophomore Calvin Scheideler states, “I am excited for the season and I feel that it will be better than last year.”

Senior Krystal Hepler, who participates in basketball cheer-leading said that she is upset that it is her last year and that she loves the sport very much. “It’s made me who I am today and I plan to continue it in college if I am able.” Hepler added that she think that the season will go well as long as everyone does their best and puts in the work that is expected of them.

During last years cheer season, a new coach, Amy Gelinger was hired. She is currently the coach for this season.

The last winter sport that is being played is boys’ wrestling. The coach for the team is Timothy Esposito.

Senior student Adam Roe, who has been a varsity wrestler for his entire high school career stated, “The pain of preparation is nothing compared to the pain of losing.”

Games and matches will be beginning very soon. Please come out and show your school spirit and support your Blue Ridge athletes!



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Tyler Hillard
5 years ago

Good Article!

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