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The 11th Grade Entrepreneur

By Marissa Fiske/ Junior writer

Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

Junior Mason Christ started his own business and during the spring of 2023 Christ’s lawn care business took off. He started promoting his business to people and he got more clients over time.

Initially Christ started off mowing lawns for his family and friends. He was mowing those lawns for a couple of years before he started his lawncare business and offered his services to the public.

“Two or three years later I decided I wanted to mow more lawns and make more money. I decided to talk to my family and figure everything out that I would have to do in order to start up a business,” Christ says.

The first thing that Christ bought for his business was a trailer and a mower.

“I now have an enclosed trailer, two zero turn mowers, weed whackers and a leaf blower,” he says.

The second thing that Christ did was create a name his business name, “Solid Ground Lawn Company.”

Christ created shirts with his logo and phone number to get his name out in the public and get more clients. He also created a website that is still a work in progress.

Once Christ’s business started to grow he got help from some people. For example, Logan Haley has been working for Christ since the beginning of summer.

Haley helps Christ with the bigger lawns and maintains all the equipment.

Questions For Mason

Why he started a lawn care and landscaping business. “I founded my Lawn Care and Landscaping business with a clear vision of addressing a growing need in the community. My passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces and my commitment to environmental sustainability were strong driving factors in pursuing this adventure.”

Does Mason think his business will last? “I am confident in the sustainability of my business. I have developed a strong foundation by prioritizing customer satisfaction. I believe that my lawn care and landscaping business is well positioned for long-term success.”

Is a lawn care and landscaping business something Mason has always dreamed of? “While I didn’t always envision myself specifically in the lawn care and landscaping industry, I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship and creating something of value. So, in a way, it has become a dream I never knew I had until I began this journey.”

Does Mason enjoy doing lawn care? “Absolutely, I find satisfaction in the work I do. The process of tending to lawns, designing landscapes, and witnessing the transformation of outdoor spaces brings me great joy. The opportunity to work outdoors, connect with nature, and contribute positively to the environment is a source of personal fulfillment, making this profession truly enjoyable.”

Questions For Logan

What is it like working for Mason? “It’s an incredible experience to have and a fantastic opportunity.”

Does Logan enjoy working with his best friend. “I enjoy working with my best friend because we both think alike so we can overcome obstacles while working.”

Do you think that working for a friend can affect the friendship in a negative manner? “I think working for a friend wouldn’t affect the friendship in a negative way, but creates time for an even better bond.”

Here is the link to Mason’s website: https://www.solidgroundlawncompany.com/about-3

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Marissa Fiske
Marissa Fiske
Marissa Fiske is a junior who is the secretary of her class. She is in National Honors Society. Outside of school, Marissa enjoys being with her loved ones, and going to different places. Marissa spends most of her time with her family and dogs.
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