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Teachers who Live to Give

By: Emma DavisEditor-in-Chief

English teacher Kimberly Davenport and physical education teacher Kristen Heller were chosen by the Blue Ridge High School student body as teachers who exhibit a live-to-give attitude. Students voted through their social and emotional learning classes and the winners were announced on April 3, 2024. Both teachers received an Amazon gift card and a paper copy of students’ comments which students left while voting.

Thoughts on Achieving this Title

Throughout the year students have selected many teachers to achieve heartwarming titles like this one. Kimberly Davenport and Kristen Heller were interviewed on how they felt when they first found out they were selected as the teacher who most exemplified the mindset Live to Give.

“I feel really good that students would think that I am a positive influence in their lives. I think it would make any teacher feel good,” Kimberly Davenport explained.

Kristen Heller said, “I was extremely surprised.”

Students Statements

Mrs. Davenport’s Compliments:
  • “Mrs. Davenport makes school joyful. I genuinely love her class.”
  • “She is the best teacher and lets me sit in her class for lunch.”
  • “Just her personality helps inspire this topic.”
  • “I chose her because she is always super kind to me and tells me how good I am at writing and doing my work. She believes I could do whatever I set my mind to.
  • “She’s cool and funny and always switches up the seating so you can talk to new people.
  • “She always encourages me to be the best that I can be.”

    Photo of senior Madison Makosky and Kimberly Davenport. Photo by: Emma Davis/Editor-in-Chief
  • “She is a very positive teacher and role model.”
  • “She always has a great attitude.”
  • “She has a good mindset.”
  • “She is just a teacher where everyone is welcomed with open arms. I love the hard work and passion she dedicates to her students.”
  • She always thinks positive in any situation. She always tells me that I can do it.”
  • “She makes me feel welcomed and appreciated.”
  • “Mrs. Davenport is the sweetest and best teacher ever! She is my favorite!”
Mrs. Heller’s Compliments:
  • “She is one of the nice teachers and she deserves this award.”
  • “She teaches me how to do certain stuff in gym and she’s really nice.”
  • “I can talk to her about anything and she always has the best advice and is always caring helpful
    and over all just so open and loving and that is just some of the things I love about Mrs. Heller.”
  • “I chose her because she always says to do what you want to do and put your mind to it.”
  • “I like gym class and she makes it fun and her son is my friend.”
  • “I like gym and she makes it more fun.”
  • “I selected Mrs. Heller because she is strict, kind, helpful, and understanding. This is why I think
    Mrs. Heller should get picked.”
  • “Mrs. Heller has always been there for me and if I ever need to talk to someone. She’s helpful,
    funny, will actually give you time to talk to you and will give her full attendance. She’s over all very
  • “Mrs. Heller is always uplifting and shows gratitude.”
  • “She always knows how to make someone’s day better and she can tell when something is off
    She came to my basketball game and she is very nice.”
  • “She can relate with me because she knows sports.”
  • “She helps everyone when they feel down and she is always willing to talk with us.
    She is always so nice and knows what we are talking about.”
  • “She is nice to her students and I am friends with her son and her class is actually fun no offense
    to other classes.”
  • “She is the best. She’s so funny. she will help you in a heartbeat. I appreciate her so much. she
    deserves so much.”

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